My First Blog

Hello Everyone

You’re about to read my first ever blog in moments … 😛

For last 6year (including many passive and inactive intervals), I’ve been sharing my writings and posts in different forums. These writings and posts are now so much dispersed that I myself couldn’t keep track of them. Then I thought of keeping a separate copy of these writings with me, but this ain’t work, cause of blah blah blah… *Aah CRAP*!!  OK, ok, ok..!! Well there’s a new yet awesome plan (not a failure thus far :S) to make things work here. I’m planning (actually it has already been planned, DUH!!) to commence with blogging right in here, so that I’d be able to manage all my writings at one single place. And you know what, I guess this’d make my writings less personal :S (as it’d be kind of *more* in public now (: ) yet acquisitive too which is goooood (: Well this is just a beginning and there’re a lot things worthy of sharing but I’m not sure what stuff exactly I’d be blogging in here, so let’s wait … (: