My name is Umar Ali and I’m a software engineer by profession. Being a developer has always been my call which compelled me to go freelancing 3 years back (during my second graduation year) and I just quit it couple of months back, after I joined a company as a software engineer. My weapons of choice has always been diverse but these days I’m more into Ruby (Rhodes Framework), PHP(CakePHP), JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, and I guess this arsenal is always growing (at least thus far). I’ve been tinkering with code since 2008, and sometimes contribute and answer to queries at stackoverflow and rhomobile group. Enough technical talk I guess … !! (: Well blogging here isn’t about sharing just the technical stuff, it’s more about anything I can think of, so I’d be sharing something going on with me or my surroundings, or any article or audio/video or any kind of technical and non-technical stuff worthy of sharing (: That’s all for now!! Btw do share your thoughts and feedback about the blog and posts I make, this would definitely help me judge how’s it going here (:


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