The Hereafter!!

Assalam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

Hope all is well for you.
Many times in our life, we read or hear someone saying that life without an aim is just as the life without a proper direction. Though we all do understand what this expression means but most of us would make some kind of materialistic inference out of it, very few would go beyond and think there exist A Hereafter, about which we are asked(in Quran and Ahadith) to aim to prepare for. Now that these very few realize the importance of the aim of life, they plan to work this(aim of life) out, but again most of these very few would follow up with their plans, the rest would make some progress yet they would also give up after a while. Now we see that the ones left – who continued with their plans, are very very low numbered. Why? The grounds are clear and the answer is…INCONSISTENCY.

I’m not able enough to lecture on time management or how to work your plans out but I would like to share one of Prophet Muhammad’s Sahih Hadith which could be considered while working out your plans.
A’habbul A’amaali Illaahi Adwamuha Wa-In-Qalla
Meaning: “Deeds beloved to Allah are seamless(or continuous) even done in little(quantity).”

Ok!! Some of you might have heard about Anwar Al-Awlaqi – one of the names which were said to have charismatic character and exceptional orating skills. Yesterday, I accidentally came across Awlaqi’s Hereafter Series, listened to first 4 parts of this series, and Alhamdolillah found it very beguiling. I wanted to share them with you too. Please follow up with the following link, if you like it, you could proceed with the next ones from the right panel(which includes related links).

May Allah Subhanahu Wata’ala help us understand, and act accordingly.

PS: I carefully read everything I wrote here but the possibility exist that I’m mistaken somewhere. Please do let me know my mistakes. Jazakallahu Khair 🙂