Happy Independence Day?!

Happy Birthday Pakistan!! I know we’ve made a colossal mess out of you. But we love you nonetheless. Please know that we are thankful for every minute that we spend with you.
Well said Burhan Rasool.

Today we’re celebrating 64th birthday of Pakistan but like each year, the questions remain the same. Where are we today? Are we independent? Are we Muslims? Are we free? These are the questions each and every individual of Pakistan asks himself/herself and somehow manages to get the answer(s) from their own selves or sources like Talk Shows, TV Programs, Seminars, Discussions and what have you … And we find that all these answers route us to same the conclusion i.e. increased deterioration in each coming year.
Unfortunately in this intense situation, I have no words to utter but to make a supplication, O My Lord!! reason out our country related problems/affairs, make our country safe and sound from the clever and cruel world out there, relieve us from any kind of internal or external sources that could cause harm to our country n our people in anyway possible, and crush these sources and all the (crazy, dumb, scum headed, selfish, cruel and brainsick) people who intentionally tried or still trying to deceive and destroy our country and our people, and also seize these bogus people in Your court of Justice – Amen


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